Visiography and panoramic radiography

Panoramic and digital radiography allows to fully determine the condition of teeth, periodont and jaws that is needed for optimal selection of an individual treatment plan.

We have a visiography office at the VIVODENT clinic, that offers additional possibilities for establishing a clear diagnosis during treatment.

What is radiovisiography and how is it different from common radiography?

The radiovisiography machine makes it possible to make dental radiographs not on a simple film, but as a picture that is directly sent to a computer through special transmission.

The visiographic examination method allows making radiographs of one or several teeth during one visit.

High speed radiograph visualization, the possibility to keep the images in the computer memory, an evidence of  image archive, image record in the patient file, quick search of previous images, sharing with connected computers are other advantages given by the visiograph. All of these make the use of the visiographic machine irreplaceable, improving the quality of treatment approach.