Dental Tourism

Hi, my name is Alexander Smîntînă, I am the director of the clinic “Vivodent”.

Since the foundation of the clinic and so far, we aim to achieve the main goal of our clinic: qualitative treatment of patients in strict accordance with their dental problems.

We are working in this direction every day by improving the quality of services and training specialists. That is why at the moment we can say firmly that our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and our specialists are trained to use modern methods to treat even the most difficult dental problems.

The  doors of  the clinic Vivodent opened wider for patients from France, Italy, Spain, England and other countries around the world. Specially trained staff is able not only to consult each foreign patient in the language he speaks (Italian, English, French, Spanish), but also to assist them throughout the treatment both in clinic as well as in beyond.

All travel-related organizational activities are in the our responsibility, which saves patients of worries and stressful situations, and the staff of the clinic can focus on providing quality dental care.

Put your trust in VIVODENT and you will get a new, beautiful and safe smile.

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