Oral hygiene

Prophylaxis and oral hygiene

Oral hygiene serves as a prophylactic measure and a means of professional culture. Nowadays nobody can imagine their existence without a toothbrush and tooth paste to prevent tooth decay and bad mouth odor.

The hygiene that one follows at home is not enough, to maintain one’s health it is required to perform professional cleaning as follows:

  • A preventive examination
  • Removal of dental deposits that one cannot simply brush off at home
  • Getting familiar with the rules and techniques of proper brushing.

Before any dental manipulation we recommend to undergo a professional dental cleaning. Using an intra-mouth camera, the doctor shows and explains to the patient the condition of his teeth and mucous membranes, the need of a treatment and the type of treatment needed.

If hard dental plaques are present, they will be removed with a device that operates on ultrasonic waves that are absolutely harmless to the body and the dental tissue.

In case of soft deposits, they will be removed with an Air-flow device, at times the Air-flow procedure is wrongfully mistaken for bleaching. If bleaching is performed, a preventive Air-flow is compulsory.

The factors of improper daily home hygiene:

  • A short brushing time -it is required to brush your teeth for at least 3 min.
  • Incorrect brushing movements that sweep all debris and interdental spaces
  • No other means of hygiene are used (flosses, instruments for cleaning the tongue), mouthwashes
  • Limited movement on the dental surface.

After any sort of dental treatment there is a risk of dental decay or periodontal disease. After the completion of the treatment it is important to prevent those and perform regular hygienization every six months, in order to maintain the achieved results for as long as possible.