Metal composite crown/bridge on implants -(per tooth)50

Dental treatment Standard price (euro) Offer price (euro)
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Panoramic radiography  (X-ray) 10
Radiography 3D 25
Local anesthesia 10
Dental implant Alpha Bio, Nobel Biocare

270 250
Dental implant Alpha Bio, Nobel Biocare NINA

(Nano Hydrophilic Surface)- faster bone integration

Dental implant Sic Invent (Switzerland)

Extraction of permanent tooth 35
Complicated extraction and  suture 50
Sinus lift (maxillary sinus filling with organic material)

From 300 €
Dental prothetics
Metal ceramic crown/bridge Cr-CO, teeth 110
Metal ceramic crown /bridge on implants 120
Zirconium crown, teeth 230 210
Zirconium crown on implants 240 220
Individual abutment in Zirconium CAD-CAM 90 75
Metal composite crown/bridge on teeth 35
Cast metal partial dentures with clasps 210 200
Cast metal partial dentures with attachments 200 180
Cast metal partial dentures with Rhein83 spherical attachments 400 350
Cast metal partial dentures with  spherical attachment on implants 450 400
Cast metal dentures with  MK1 (2 attachments) 550 500
Total dentures (complete dental prosthetics 250
Total denture or flexible partial denture on Vertex 210 200
Pulpitis and periodontitis with obstruction of the root canals 35
Devitalizing and filling 1, 2 and more root canals 80
Dental caries filling  45-75 €
Dental aesthetic treatments
White composite restorations 50-75 €
Crowns, porcelain Veneer, restorations in pressed porcelain ceramic 240 210
Professional cleaning of teeth (upper and lower) 50
Teeth bleaching (Photo ) (Zoom)/one session 75


All service with term of warranty for implants and dental prosthetic : 5 years.

Other services: minimum 1 year.

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