Sterilization in dentistry

Instrument sterilization

You will always be safe at VIVODENT Dental Clinic, as we take everything related to your health and safety very seriously.

We have invested and continue to invest in purchasing sterilizing substances and sterilization machines from the opening of the dental clinic. VIVODENT is an exclusive dealer of the Swiss Company OCC – a leading manufacturer of instrument disinfection substances and accessories.

The steps of a correct and complete sterilization:

  • Pre-sterilization in special containers with disinfectants: instrument proccesing with ultrasound
  • Washing the instruments
  • Putting the instruments in single use bags
  • Autoclaving: quality control
  • Writing down the day and time of sterilization
  • Storage in special containers.

A strict adherence to aseptic and antiseptic rules, along with investing in the best equipment for sterilization, is a guarantee that in our clinic you will be treated without the risk of contracting any blood or saliva transmissible diseases.

For your dental treatment we only use disposable supplies (bibs, cups, needles, gloves, masks, suction mouth, etc.) and when getting the office ready after each patient, our nurses wash all contact surfaces with disinfectant (the chair and dental unit, hand pieces, aspirators, air-water spray,  lamps). They start their action in short time and dry out quickly.