Surgery / Implantology

Painless tooth extraction

Ambulatory dental surgery

Restoration of missing teeth by placing the implant in the patient’s jawbone

Bone augmentation – growth of bone and soft tissue to obtain long-term functional and esthetic results.

Dental implantology

Nowadays the implantology specialists at VIVODENT can restore the missing teeth and the integrity of the dental arcades by using implant. It is a widely used method throughout the world,that enables patients to restore their physical, esthetic and functional comfort. The dental implant is just like a root of the missing tooth, made of titanium alloy that is biocompatible and bioinert with the human body.

Bone augmentation

The majority of surgical procedures require bone augmentation procedures. When the height and thickness of the bone is limited, bone augmentation is necessary – that is restoration of bone tissue.

The bone regeneration technique includes the use of biomaterials:

  • Patient bone
  • Cattle bone
  • Biocompatible synthetic bone and materials
  • Resorbable and non-resorbable membranes
  • Plasmo – lifting

Bone augmentation can be performed when the implant is placed or before implantation, approximately 6 – 8 months before, so that the implants are placed within the newly restored bone.